Personal Legal Advisory Service


With the rapidly rising amount of High-Net-Worth-Individuals (HNWI) in China, demands for legal advisory and wealth management are increasing correspondently. Based upon and expand from traditional marriage and family legal services, our experienced attorneys distinguish ourselves from other family lawyers by offering clients expertise and personal attention in matters relating to estate planning, the protection of the estates and investments of family business owners and entrepreneurs. With our extensive experience in investment, real estate, taxation, securities, insurance and intellectual property rights, we are able to provide professional services to clients in a fully comprehensive spectrum, including offering services in establishment of family business, preserving and protecting estates and businesses, and designing investment structures.

The Firm’s personal legal advisory services include:

1、Designing, executing and administrating investment structures and plans, shareholding structures, and corporate governance

2、Protection of personal estate, and dispute resolution relating to estate and investments

3、Investment and management of real estate

4、Tax planning for individual assets

5、Traditional marriage/inheritance issues;

6、Estate planning, estate trusts and other arrangements

Legal Briefings

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