Litigation and Arbitration

We focus on dispute resolution in commercial areas. We understand that the outcome of a lawsuit or arbitration may have significant impact to the life or death of a business, as well as to its reputation. Therefore, our team is fully dedicated to every case. We have extensive experience in representing clients from multinationals, financial institution, real estate developers, and private business owners in complex litigation and international arbitration and are familiar with the rules of legal system and judicial practice. While the development of artificial intelligence will inevitably replace some of the legal services, we continue to outstand ourselves by virtue of our capacity of analyzing and managing complex matters, which always speaks for our core advantage in the ever-changing business world.

We help clients from home and aboard dealing with vital and complex disputes across varied industries and fields. Aiming at maximizing benefits or minimizing losses for clients, our services include not only participating in litigation and arbitration, but also formulating case-by-case countermeasures and solutions, as well as representing clients in negotiation of disputes.

Our dispute resolution covers the areas of

1. Corporate investment and equity dispute
2. Construction and real estate disputes
3. Contract dispute and international trade arbitration
4. Banking and financial markets disputes
5. Intellectual property disputes
6. Employment disputes
7. Marriage and family disputes

Representative Cases

- Appointed as an expert witness of China Law in Danish Institute of Arbitration (Copenhagen Arbitration) in respect of an international franchise dispute
- Representing a European leading hotel brand, Accor Group, in multiple disputes in its domestic operation, regarding such as Hotel Management Agreement, trademark infringement, etc.
- Representing financial institutions, e.g. Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank (SRCB), Shanghai Branch of Hangzhou Bank, Citic Bank, China Minsheng Bank, etc. in disputes of loan, security and judicial enforcement
- Representing a domestic food chain company in an arbitration of corporate equity dispute held in Hong Kong
- Representing METRO Property Management Company in an arbitration of construction dispute held in CIETAC
- Representing a real estate developer in multiple lawsuits of lease agreement in a large commercial center
- Representing a gaming company on a copyright dispute regarding desktop gaming software