Intellectual Property


With enhanced sanction of IP infringement by countries from EU and the U.S. and gradually improved regulatory environment in the China IP regime, awareness of IP protection is also increased with those who are doing business in China. Our core competence lies on our experience in serving high-growth enterprises. Therefore, we will help clients to establish a protective IP system that aims to the long-term development while mitigates operational risks. Our services in the IP area include:

1、Advise on integrated IP protection strategy with corporate strategy, help to establish continuing IP management system, and deal with commercial IP transaction and dispute;

2、Registration of trademarks, copyrights and computer software, as well as handling opposition, cancellation and invalidation proceedings

3、Assisting with the licensing and assignment of IP rights;

4、Protection of trademark, copyright and trade secret, investigation of IP infringement activities, and evidence preservation of infringement activities;

5、Protection of IP rights for Internet software in respect to its design, publication, operation and production;

6、Litigation and arbitration of IP

Legal Briefings

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