We Met with Greentown’s Graceland Team and Discussed about Operational Risks


On February 4, 2015, a group of partners and lawyers from Law View Partners visited Greentown’s Graceland in Wuzhen (绿城乌镇雅园) and had a successful meeting with Greentown’s senior executive team from its health sector. Theme of this meeting is “Managing the Operational risks arising in Senior Living Communities”.

During the meeting, Michael Qu, Managing Partner of our firm firstly introduced the reason and occurrence places of operational risks that senior care operators will usually encounter, and then analyzed the pricing models of CCRCs adapting to the Chinese market that many senior housing developers are fond of. Afterwards, Senior Partner Huang Wenzheng shared her valuable experience in how to carefully draft a residency contract to the best extent avoiding and mitigating risks in daily operation of a senior care facility. Then, senior counsel Shaun Shi, who has ample experience being a judge from People’s Court prior to joining our Firm, elaborated, through a couple of case study, the ways to prevent and address personal injury in senior living communities, which is always a prime area operators from home and abroad feel nervous.

The tour and meeting ended with a heating discussion about how to deal with various risks and situations in daily operation, such as well positioning the home health care component in a senior housing project—with manageable responsibilities and risks. Topics discussed during the meeting was constructive and valuable that both our lawyers and team of Greentown highly appreciated the opportunity of sharing and expressed great interests in future cooperation.