Our Partner HUANG Wenzheng was Awarded as One of the “Outstanding Duty Lawyers in Huangpu District”


On March 27, 2015, the Huangpu Legal Aid Commendation Ceremony of 2014 was held in Worker’s Culture Hall, our partner Mrs. HUANG Wenzheng, was awarded as one of the “Outstanding Duty Lawyers in Huangpu District” by Huangpu Justice Bureau.

Mrs. HUANG has been participated in pro bono cases for juveniles for many years, providing legal consultation and legal representative for the minor defendants throughout the whole judicial procedure, including the Investigation, Review and Prosecution, as well as trial.

Mrs. HUANG’s contribution to the society and community illustrates the culture of our firm, and through her continuous effort, she has well established a bridge of communication among minor defendants and their guardians. Many of the cases Mrs. HUANG has represented is highlighted by her constructive working approach to take care the emotion of the clients, while also keep well in touch with related police office, prosecutor and judge, so as to strive for a lighter penalty for these clients.