We attended the China Senior Living & Healthcare Design Debate 2015


Managing partner Michael Qu and Senior counsel Shaun Shi are invited to speak in the China Senior Living & Healthcare Design Debate 2015. Senior partner Vivian Jin also attended this Conference.

The topic of Michael and Shaun discussed in the panel is “Optimizing Design for better operational risk management”. The other two panelists are Lucy Liu from Infinity Care and Chloe Wu from Merrill Gardens. In the beginning, the panelists shared their experience and insights in how design and operation will interact with each other during the development of a senior living project. As Lucy has put in her speech, when it comes to the design, they will always pay much attention to the cost, as that is one of the most important things to consider for an investor. With that in mind, they will consider how to make sure risks can be well managed within the construction budget. Chloe then elaborated that, from an operator’s viewpoint, operational advices shall be seek as early as possible in the kickoff of the design so that operational needs can be sufficiently addressed. Both Chloe and Lucy admitted that design issues for new construction are very different from refurbishment project, and the service types, i.e. independent living, assistant living, memory care, or home care also matters a lot in optimizing design. Shaun continued with his experience in how to determine responsibility among operator, architecture and owner in case of an accident occurs in a nursing home. His sharing of litigation case happens very often in nursing homes attracted a lot of interaction among the attendees.