Entertainment, Media and Sports

Culture, Entertainment, Media and Sports industries have witnessed rapid growth recent years in China. Cooperation between domestic companies and foreign companies or other organizations in this field has never been that close. Much of the work of an entertainment law practice is transaction based, i.e., drafting contracts, negotiation and mediation, where some may lead to litigation or arbitration. Our extensive experience in serving foreign investors and high-growth enterprises has enabled us to gain in-depth understanding of the regulatory environment of the industry. Through the years, we have established a professional and efficient team to meet various demands from our clients.

Our clientele list also includes name-brand advertisers, advertising agencies, production companies, advertising agency networks, media companies, technology companies, television and film production and distribution, Internet and e-commerce companies. We have assisted digital marketing and advertising companies in merger and acquisition transactions with 4A companies or domestic players, as well as provided daily operational support in respect to intellectual property, government regulation, employment and litigation, etc. Being familiar with their business at various stages from startup to development to capital raising and M&A transaction, we can provide comprehensive services for clients in this field.

Service Scopes

For foreign clients, in order to meet their needs of cooperating with their domestic partners, we provide legal services in the following areas:
1. Structuring and establishment of business entities in China
2. Cooperation and authorization of domestic and overseas Film and Television Entertainment Projects
3. Joint investment and development of domestic and overseas Film and Television Entertainment Projects
4. Import and cooperative operation of overseas TV program pattern and performance projects

For domestic clients, we can provide legal services in the following areas:
1. Issuing legal opinions with respect to business incorporation, corporate governance, equity structuring and M&A, etc.
2. Trademark/copyright registration and systematic management, etc.
3. Drafting and reviewing contracts and agreements, e.g. assignment or license agreement of adaption right and production right, employment agreements for production team and entertainers, Joint Investment Shooting Contract, performing management contracts and distribution contracts, etc.
4. Issuing legal opinions for investment and financing projects
5. Rights protection and various dispute resolutions