Employment Law and Employee Incentive Plans

Our labor lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in handling all types of labor issues in the context of business transactions and daily operations. We assist clients not only in establishing labor management systems and handling human resources problems, but also in settling complicated employment disputes. We work closely with our clients in mitigating and dealing with employment risks in daily operation of their business.

Our services in the Employment Law include:

1. Drafting and negotiating individual and collective labor contracts, training agreements, non-competition agreements and confidentiality agreements

2. Preparing employee manuals and drafting company rules and regulations 

3. Assisting in handling employee transfer, lay-offs and displacements in corporate acquisitions, liquidations and restructuring proceedings

4. Advising on labor protection, work-related injuries and occupational disease 

5. Advising in resolution of labor disputes

We are expert in formulating employee share incentive plans. Our services in this area include designing employee share incentive structures, reviewing and preparing employee incentive plans, preparing relevant authorization and option agreements, and handling dispute matters arising from employee incentive plans.